Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The attack of West Point docks

  This is a scene of a Zorrian special forces squad (the Zorrians are the bad guys, their goal is to take over all of the galaxy and to defeat T.A.C.) ambushing the West Point docks on the planet of Quep. They are attacking the docks because the planet of Quep is aligned with T.A.C. They are poisoning the water with highly toxic  chemicals. Their goal is to poison the water so that all of the fish will die and that the inhabitants of the city bordering the ocean will have to deal with the smell of the dead fish. They also are poisoning the water because Quep filters the ocean water into drinking water. The chemical the zorrians are using will make the water un-filterable, because the chemical once it is put in water will disintegrate the components that they use to filter the water. T.A.C. also would like to mine the planet. The Zorrians want Quep for their own. The invasion has started!

But there is still hope for the people of Quep... The saving of Quep! Coming soon!


  1. Boy would my grandson love playing with you boys. Good job!