Thursday, April 25, 2013

T.A.C. Heavy military Gunship type 2

Introducing you to an all new theme. T.A.C. Is a made up game that our friends and us have made up. It is a Sci-Fi game and is still in development. This is a gunship for land, swamps, and forests. It cannot go very high in the sky or in the atmosphere because of its open cockpit and limited repulsor-lift height frequency. It is heavily armed with four anti-personnel weapons and two anti-tank\armor weapons. It also has very tough armor. Because of the sloping frontal armor plating.Thanks for stopping by! More posts and information about T.A.C. coming soon!


  1. I like your photo!
    I wonder if the US military could use this? :-)

  2. Did you tell me what the T.A.C. stands for?
    You would probably be expelled from public school for even thinking about such a thing. lol

    Nice work, guys. :-0


  3. What great creativity.
    Interensting vessel!
    Can't wait for more info.


  4. Oh things are just heating up! :-)

  5. Also boring is freezing :-)

    (get my catch Sam)