Wednesday, October 29, 2014

World War 1 Plane Showcase

Hi everyone! Today we have a Lego World  War 1 plane showcase. So to start it all off, we have a British Sopwith Camel fighter plane. This is the whole plane. The Sopwith Camel was first produced in 1917, and its production ended in 1920. There were a total of 5,490 built. It is credited with 1,294 kills. The design of the plane is credited to Lego, from the 7307 Pharaohs Quest set. 
Here is a broadside shot of the Camel.
This is a pretty cool shot of the propeller and the engine. 
And now for the German fighter. This fighter is an Albatross D.V fighter. This fighter was produced from 1917 to 1918 but the plane continued service throughout the war. There were a total of  2,500 Albatross planes built. 
Here is a broadside shot of the Albatross.
Here is a great picture of the propeller and the engine. 
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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

German Bunker

Hi Everyone! Today we have a WW2 German Bunker. This bunker is guarding an important road that the Allies must take. This road is heavily guarded by German soldiers and weapons. 
The gun in the bunker is a 88mm gun. One of the most infamous guns of WW2. It was an anti tank and anti aircraft weapon. It was manufactured from 1933-1945 and a total of 21,310 were produced. Thanks for reading!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Back To School

 Hello everyone. Today we have a Back To School post to welcome the new school year. 
This is a scene of a Mom walking her little boy to his first day of school. He has his lunch box, with a nice peanut-butter  and jelly sandwich packed. Thanks for Reading!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Lego Allied Epic Battlefront

Hi Everyone! Today we have a really awesome battle scene with a new tank and some neat effects and details.
In a decimated  French town these Allied soldiers make a stand against a group of German soldiers. Here is one of the neat effects, its a German artillery shell exploding. 
This is the right side of the new tank. A really cool detail is the American flag emblem. An Allied soldier takes cover behind the tank. 
Here is the left side of the new tank. The new tank is an M3 Stuart light tank which had a crew of four, and its main weapon was a 37mm M6. It was produced from 1941-1945. A total of 25000 Stuart tanks were built. 
Here is the Commander of the M3 and a good view of the machine gun on the turret and of the 37mm. 
Here is a good view of the 45mm anti tank gun and of the other soldiers that are fighting the Germans. Thanks for Reading! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

LEGO Surgery

Hi everyone, today we have a post about LEGO Surgery. Here we have a LEGO built operating room. In the right corner we have a shelf for operating tools.
 Now, for surgery we need lights, a clock, an I.V, a surgical bed.
couple of scary looking surgery instruments,  surgeons, a surgery blanket, a table to hold the surgery tools, and last of all a patient. As you see in the picture the patient is getting his liver removed. It may seem scary but, these surgeons are the best at there job. 
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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Vickers Medium Mark 1 Tank

Hi Everyone! Today we have a Vickers Medium Mark 1 Tank. This is a British tank of the 1920-30s. The prototype was first tested in 1923 and was upgraded to the slightly improved Vickers Medium Mark 2. The tank was phased out of service in 1938. The tank never saw combat.
This tank is performing practice maneuvers. The tank is equipped with camouflage for maximum secrecy. 

Ready? Aim! Fire!

This is an extra fuel barrel on the tank. 
Here is the full tank and training grounds. 
Thank you for reading!