Thursday, October 16, 2014

Lego Allied Epic Battlefront

Hi Everyone! Today we have a really awesome battle scene with a new tank and some neat effects and details.
In a decimated  French town these Allied soldiers make a stand against a group of German soldiers. Here is one of the neat effects, its a German artillery shell exploding. 
This is the right side of the new tank. A really cool detail is the American flag emblem. An Allied soldier takes cover behind the tank. 
Here is the left side of the new tank. The new tank is an M3 Stuart light tank which had a crew of four, and its main weapon was a 37mm M6. It was produced from 1941-1945. A total of 25000 Stuart tanks were built. 
Here is the Commander of the M3 and a good view of the machine gun on the turret and of the 37mm. 
Here is a good view of the 45mm anti tank gun and of the other soldiers that are fighting the Germans. Thanks for Reading! 

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