Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Exploring Yacca

Here are brave TAC solders, that are exploring the deep endless jungle swamp planet of Yacca.
Yacca is a planet of jungle and swamp, you can easily get lost on Yacca. TAC has explored Yacca for many of years, they have a base set up there with scientists and troops. There are many wild animals also the chance of getting attacked by Zorians, which would be very bad! So TAC sends rations, munitions to Yacca so TAC can stay on Yacca if war comes.
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Friday, July 25, 2014

Mini Factory

Hi Guys,
 This is a  mini factory that we built out of LEGO. 
This factory produces energy for everything in Mini LEGO City.
It was a lot of fun to build. Hope you all enjoyed this post.
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

T.A.C. Soldier Mix

Hi guys! Today we have a neat Photoshop Mix of different pictures to make these awesome mixes! This one is my favorite, I just love how the green flat looks under his feet!
Now this one takes an EPIC Trans-ish and a really cool ''floating'' look to it! It also looks like an Infrared scope is on this guy! Or an x-ray! 
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Monday, July 21, 2014

Speed Key, The Illegal Games of Tac #1

Hi Everyone! Today we have a Battle pod. The Battle pods are used in Illegal Games called Speed Key. The senate illegalized the Speed Key because of the danger and unnecessary killing.  Participants race and destroy one another's Pods using skills with any weapon. The Object of the game is to kill as many other racers as you can and to capture the Speed Key which automatically wins the games.
Spectators View the start of the race in a stadium and then proceed to view the via Holographic tablets or via the Broadcasting Screens throughout the stadium. The Spectators are able to place bets on the fighters and are able to win if their fighter wins the games.
Fighter pods come in many shapes and types. Some have extra engines and some have just one... The different pods are divided into classes according to their specifications.
Sponsors also play a large part in the battles, they sponsor a fighter who is good and outfit him to win the battle, the sponsor gets part of the fighters earnings each winning fight. It is against the rules for a sponsor to place bets on their own racer...but most do it anyway.
Because of the extra engines this fighter is placed in B class there are four different classes. A class B class C class and D class.