Monday, February 22, 2016

Trouble on Dyerax

Hello everyone! 
Today the Dimension Travelers have landed on the dimensions of Dyerax. When they landed they must of awakened a Mineral Golem. Mineral Golems are only known to live on Dyerax, and are extremely dangerous. Its a good thing the Dimension Travelers have guns, because fighting a Mineral Golem close up can prove fatal. Mineral Golems are known for their incredible strength and paralyzing abilities. 
The dimension of Dyerax is also known for its rich veins of Aura Crystals. On Dyerax, Aura Crystals are found under and above ground. You also have to be careful for the super tall rock formations. Some of these rock formations can reach up to 50 feet! 

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Friday, February 19, 2016

Arriving on Gelihex

Hello everyone! 
Today the Dimension Travelers have arrived on the dimension of Gelihex. Yikes! Look at those huge spiders, you wouldn't want to get bit by one! The dimension of Gelihex is known for its lush jungles, beautiful flowers and many species of insects. 
Gelihex is also known for its rich veins of special minerals that were used in building the Dimension Portal. While the Dimension Travelers are on Gelihex, they will probably pick some of those minerals up. Since the jungles are so lush and huge, it is very easy for people to get lost in them, so the Dimension Traverls will have to stay together when they go mineral hunting!

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Landing on Zeliax

Hello everyone!
 Today the Dimension Travelers have landed on the ice planet of Zeliax. Zeliax is a huge ice dimension with huge ice spikes! As you can see the Dimension Portal has come with them, so they can always get back to their base. 
Zeliax is also known for its rich veins of ice crystals and ore.
The Dimension Travelers will have to be careful though, because some of the ice spikes are tall and can fall at any moment. 

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Building of the Dimension Portal

Hello everyone, and welcome to Dimension Travelers!
You might be wondering what Dimension Travelers is, right? Well, Dimension Travelers is about two people who use their portal to travel to different dimensions. 
You may also be wondering who are the Dimension Travelers, right? Well, the Dimension Travelers are the two people in the bottom left corner. In the top right is the Dimension Portal, which sends these two to random dimensions. Before the Dimension Travelers can go on there journey, the Dimension Portal has to be built. The guys in white are just workers, so they will not actually be traveling. 

The Dimension Travelers have very spacial gear, to protect them from the harsh climates of some of the dimensions. They are also equipped with guns, to fight any enemies. 

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Friday, February 12, 2016

We Collected all of the Lego Lord of the Rings sets!

Yes, its true! We finally collected all of the Lego Lord of the Rings sets! We got the last two sets on Christmas. This does not include the Hobbit sets, just Lord of the Rings. Here are all of the mini-figures, and the cave troll.  :) 
The last sets we needed were, The Battle at the Black Gate and the Wizard Battle. The last figures we needed were: Mouth of Sauron, Gandalf the White, and King Aragorn. 
We have all of the following sets: Battle at the Black Gates, Battle of Helm's Deep, Mines of Moria, Gandalf Arrives, Pirate Ship Ambush, The Wizard Battle, Council of Elrond, the Tower of Orthanc, the Orc Forge, Shelob's Lair and Attack on Weathertop. 
This is the first full series of Lego sets that we have ever collected. Its so neat to have all of the LOTR sets. 
Thanks for reading! 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Vive la France! Lego World War Two MOC

Hello everyone! Today we have a fun scene inspired by a scene from the Longest Day. During the shelling of The Normandy beaches in the Longest Day, a patriotic Frenchman begins waving a French flag out of his window. In spite of the shelling and explosions, he continues waving his flag! We somewhat recreated this scene here, where a Frenchman is waving a flag to honor the liberation of his village by American soldiers.   

Monday, February 8, 2016

Lego Ideas: The Big Bang Theory! The Iconic Show in Legos!

Hello everyone! Today we have the Lego Ideas Big Bang Theory. You may have heard of the sitcom titled the Big Bang Theory. If you have not, you can click here to head on over to the fan site. 
First up we have Raj. Raj is Howard's best friend. 

Here we have a close up of these uniquely printed 1x1 bricks.  
This is a great close up of the book shelf and the plethora of stuff on top!
This is a shot of the entire set. 
Right here we have the right-hand corner of the set, complete with  a molecular structure, desktop, and white-board! 

And finally we have all of the characters. From right: Raj, Penny, Leonard, Sheldon, Amy, Bernadette, and Howard. 
Overall, a very fun set! Thanks for reading!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Advance! Lego World War Two MOC German Counter-Attack

Hello everyone! Today we have another teaser of our World War Two Lego MOC! This is the German counter-attack on the allied soldiers. 
Here is a German soldier with his dog. The dog is a German Shepherd, and was inspired by the German shepherd in the Longest Day. 
This is a German machine gunner, who has taken up position in a shell crater. Thanks for reading! Don't forget to leave a suggestion on a future addition to the World War Two MOC! Thank you!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Last Defense on Hoth

Hello everyone!
Today, we have a scene of some Rebels defending a position from some Snowtroopers. As you can see the Rebels DF.9 anti-infantry cannon has been knocked out by the Snowtroopers. 
Will the Rebels be able to hold out against the onslaught of the Empire? We hoped you enjoyed this post!
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Monday, February 1, 2016

Winter Fun

Hello everyone! Today we have some awesome winter fun! 
First, we have a downhill skier, who is skiing on a very big mountain.
Next we have a awesome snowboarder, who is getting speed to hit a big jump. 
One of our favorite winter sports is Cross Country Skiing. 
Tell us your favorite thing to do in the winter.
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