Monday, February 22, 2016

Trouble on Dyerax

Hello everyone! 
Today the Dimension Travelers have landed on the dimensions of Dyerax. When they landed they must of awakened a Mineral Golem. Mineral Golems are only known to live on Dyerax, and are extremely dangerous. Its a good thing the Dimension Travelers have guns, because fighting a Mineral Golem close up can prove fatal. Mineral Golems are known for their incredible strength and paralyzing abilities. 
The dimension of Dyerax is also known for its rich veins of Aura Crystals. On Dyerax, Aura Crystals are found under and above ground. You also have to be careful for the super tall rock formations. Some of these rock formations can reach up to 50 feet! 

Thanks For Reading! 

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  1. Good Golly! I do not know how they do it. They sure are brave!!