Monday, February 15, 2016

Building of the Dimension Portal

Hello everyone, and welcome to Dimension Travelers!
You might be wondering what Dimension Travelers is, right? Well, Dimension Travelers is about two people who use their portal to travel to different dimensions. 
You may also be wondering who are the Dimension Travelers, right? Well, the Dimension Travelers are the two people in the bottom left corner. In the top right is the Dimension Portal, which sends these two to random dimensions. Before the Dimension Travelers can go on there journey, the Dimension Portal has to be built. The guys in white are just workers, so they will not actually be traveling. 

The Dimension Travelers have very spacial gear, to protect them from the harsh climates of some of the dimensions. They are also equipped with guns, to fight any enemies. 

Thanks For Reading! 


  1. Not sure if I'd rather travel forward in time or back. I suppose it would depend on where I'd be going.

  2. Enemies!! Gulp! Monsters? Zombies?
    I do like the portal. :-)