Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Little B and the chipmunk

Today our cat little B brought a chipmunk into our house. My dad and brother had gone to the library so it was just my mom and I at home. I was in my room reading and I heard my mom shout "Sam little B has brought something into the house!" So I ran down stairs thinking that it was a leaf or a corn husk or something like that. Because, in the past he has brought in various items including leaves and corn husks. But when I got downstairs I heard a squealing sound I thought that it was a bird but my mom said "It is chippy!" Well, chippy is a chipmunk that has been living  in our yard barn. Little B was in the living room and he had chippy cornered under a couch. I grabbed Little B and handed him to my mom. Then I lifted up the couch while my mom made a barricade out of cushions. Then chippy decided to make run for it he ran under a table and stayed under it. I said to my mom " We need to get a net!" While she was getting the net chippy scurried out of the living room and into the dining room. Luckily I caught sight of him and when my mom came back with the net I knew where he was so my mom grabbed a cushion and we set out after chippy. When we got in there chippy was under a chair. After a few tries with the net I realized that chipmunks are pretty fast. Then my mom suggested that we open the front door and chase him out. After I opened the door I chased chippy outside and when he was outside he flew like a rocket into our flower garden! Thanks for reading!

The reason little B brought the chippy inside the house in the first place is because my brother left the patio door open!


  1. I laughed so hard reading this. I can just picture you chasing that chippy. Little B thought he was bringing you a present.

  2. Sharon - May 22, 2013 6:45

    Oh My, How funny! I can picture you and your mon chasing
    a chipmunk in the house!
    So, who was in the most trouble - Little B or your little
    brother, Atticus??

  3. Great job with sharing the story Sam. :-)
    I am proud of you. Mom

  4. Chippy is one very lucky little chipmunk! The story could have been quite different if you'd not been there to rescue him. Maybe he'll be a little more careful in the future. :-) Great photo of you and B.

    And I know I said it before, but Brick Brothers is a clever name!

  5. Wish I would have been there with a camera

  6. Brick Brothers is a great name. Love the picture. Thanks for a fun story.