Monday, November 30, 2015

Lego WWII U.S. Airborne Waterslide Decals!

Hello everyone, today we have some really, really epic Lego decals. We purchased  the decals from Brickmania .  We purchased the U.S. Airborne squad pack. The decals were very fun to apply, we watched a very helpful video as we applied the decals. The decals were slightly difficult to apply at first but once we did a few of them we got the hang of it. 
The first soldier you see here is a corporal in our squad. 
Here you can see his Airborne insignia.

The next soldier that we have here is a Private as you can see by his insignia located on his shoulder. He is wearing a scarf  knitted by his mom to keep him warm. 

Next up we have the Sergeant to lead our squadron. You can see his rank insignia on his shoulder. 

Here are some fun Black and White photo's of the squad. 


  1. I bet you could "knit" a real scarf to keep him warm (or get your mom or grandma to do it for you!).