Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Lego Mini Train Track

Hello everyone! Here is a scene of a mini train track. This train track runs right by the mountains. In the future we will probably add a train and cars, we might also put the track in different places. For example we might build it in the West, with cacti, bones and sand!

The yellow thing in the right-hand corner is the sun. It is originally a LEGO dish we got in a LEGO set. As you can see some of the mountains have snow on the peeks. This was very fun to construct for your enjoyment! 
Thanks For Reading! 


  1. Love it!! And of course I knew that was the sun, silly. Anyway, that's cool. Also, guess what's baking in my oven right now - ANOTHER cranberry nut cake. And we'll be having cranberry sauce tomorrow also, because you guys were so generous in giving me a bag of cranberries. Thanks again so much! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. Hi,
    Will bandits be hitting up the passengers on the train! I sure hope you have got some good Texas Rangers on guard in the Wild, Wild, West!