Friday, February 27, 2015

German 7.5 cm Pak 40 Anti-Tank Gun

Hello everyone! Today we have another WWII build! This time we are doing the Pak 40 anti tank gun. 
The Pak 40 was manufactured by Germany from 1942-1945. About 20,000  Pak 40's were built the Pak 40 weighed 3,142 pounds. The Pak 40 can fire off 14 rounds a minute. This Pak 40 is attacking an incoming Allied tank.
Here is a soldier loading a shell.
Here is a view of the ammo crate and a tree.
Here is a picture of some spent shells, along with the loading of the gun. 
Here is a distant view of the Pak 40 along with the wreckage of a car.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Mini Lego Cars

Hello everyone, today we have some mini LEGO cars. 
These were easy to build, so we will be able to make more.

I hope to post more of theses cars in the future.
This is the red car. It is a little different then the black one, as you can see. The frame of the car is the same, all that is different is the color and the shape of the windshield.  
This is the black car, as you can see it has a different windshield. The rest is the same. This is my favorite out of the two. I really enjoyed making these cars!
I hope you guys enjoyed the post!
 Thanks for Reading!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Allied Barricade

Hello everyone! Today we have a new Lego  WWII battle scene. Complete with a French farmers home and British and American soldiers.
Here is an allied anti-tank gun. Which is barricaded behind the remains of the farmers barn.
Here is the gunner with his ammunition.
Here is an American GI with a British paratrooper. 
Here is the farmers home. Which luckily has not been damaged too much.