Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bus and bus stop

   This is a bus and bus stop that we created for our City. It has lights and skylights. There is also a newspaper stand not far from the bus stop, so if you wanted to read while you wait you can! The bus fare is very affordable starting at $3.00 a half trip and only $6.00 a full trip. They also put on tours of the City every two weeks. You can also survive those hot summer days with the bus's air conditioning.

You may also get a nice view of the city with the bus's windows.
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  1. I would love to ride your family get special rates. :-)


  2. Sharon Kinney

    I would enjoy riding your bus with the skylights.
    And a fine city tour would be a fun way to spend an
    afternoon in the hot summertime.
    Book Me Sam!!

  3. Please modify this so it could be a space ship to!