Saturday, August 10, 2013

T.A.C. U.M.R.C

This is a squad of U.M.R.C troopers aka Underwater Mining and Research Crew. The purpose of U.M.R.C is mining and researching minerals that power vehicles, homes, laboratories, etc. The only place you can find these minerals is on water worlds.
This is a U.M.R.C trooper that has a mechanical mineral grabber, other tools are heavy hand drills, heavy hand saws, and grabbers. It is very dark underwater so all of the tools and equipment have lights on them. The breathing system that U.M.R.C uses filters water and transfer it into air for the troopers to use, so it pretty much lasts forever. The suits that they use are heated, cooled, fire resistant, and -1000 degrees Fahrenheit resistant. Most of the time it is very cold where the troopers work but some times there is lava or extreme heat gas underwater.
This is a miner drone that helps mine and collect the minerals. U.M.R.C has thousands of these, these drones are an essential part in the mining of the minerals, because they are equipped with scanners that detect where the largest deposit of minerals is.
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