Friday, August 30, 2013

T.A.C Chapter 1

This is an intro chapter to T.A.C. written by a friend.  There will be a Lego version coming soon! 

Chapter 1

Two friends were rushing down a hall dodging bullets from an enemy, One of them a little flustered on how they got there. First off why do you have to fall for the obvious trap?! He thought. Its kinda true real friends always "bud heads". Finally the exit they never thought would come finally was here. But again the klutz slips. And to make things worse a detonator slips out of his tattered vest. Even more chaos happens as they just happened to be in a highly sensitive avalanche zone. Now very flustered the man finds their ship in just the nick of time! He pushes the klutz on and grabs the wheel. 

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