Wednesday, December 23, 2015

How to build a LEGO Christmas bulb!

Hello everyone!
Today we have a post of how to build a LEGO Christmas bulb.
First we start of with the sides. Here is a picture of what it looks like completed.
Next we have the pieces that you will need to build the sides.
You will need one 1x1 round, two 1x2s, one 2x2 and three 2x4s.
To start building the sides you will need to put the two 1x2s on two 2x4s. 
The next step is to combine the 1x1 round, the 2x2 and the last 2x4 together. It will need to look like the photo down below to work. 
After you are done with that you will need to combine the two together to form the side piece.
You will need to make four of these side pieces to make the bulb.
The next part of the bulb is the bottom and the top.
Here are the pieces you will need to make the bottom and top.
You will need one 4x4, one 2x4, one 2x2, two 1x2s and four 1x2 bricks with 4 nobs. 
We will build the bottom first. First you will need to connect the four 1x2 bricks with 4 nobs, on to the bottom of the 4x4.
You will then flip it over and put the two 1x2s on the top of the 4x4.
Next you will will put the 2x2s on top of the 2x4.
You will then put the two together. It should look like the picture below when done.
For the top you will need to build another bottom. When you have the second bottom done you will put a tile, round 2x2 with lifting ring thin on top of the 2x2.
This is how it should look when it is done.
Next we put the sides on the the 1x2 nobs that are sticking out.
It should look like what is down below. We have left one side off so you could see inside.
Here is the finished bulb. It works great on your Christmas tree!
We hope you enjoyed this post!
Thanks for Reading!
 Have a Merry Christmas!

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  1. Hi,
    Grandma stole this one off the tree, could you make me another.
    Great work!!