Monday, December 28, 2015

BEAN BOOZLED! One of the Funniest Games Ever!

Hello everyone! Today we have a very, very fun game, Bean Boozled! So, lets dive in! On first opening you  will find a spinner, and a bunch of jelly beans. The game works like this: You can pass the box around, spin the wheel, and then pick out the color of the bean that you spun. Then you have to eat it!
Ok, so lets move onto the rules/tips. Here they are. I like how they suggest creating your own rules, its very fun to play a challenge game, and to use Bean Boozled as a consequence for failing the challenge.  
Here is a full list of the bean options. Yeah.... some of them are wacky!
Here is the wheel.
Ahh! Look at those refreshing beans. Now, anyone want to play?


  1. Thank you for sharing this fun game with us!

  2. do not want to get Skunk Spray!!

  3. oh my, some of those flavors sound pretty bad!