Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Snapping Turtle

  This is a snapping turtle. He was sunbathing on the road when we saw him. We stopped our car and got out and looked at him. He was very big and vicious. My dad poked him with a stick and he bit the stick! He wasn't at all afraid of us. Then my dad picked him up by the tail and took him to the ditch where he walked away.  My dad said that he weighed 25-30 lbs. I know that snapping turtles get a bad rap for killing baby ducks but other predators kill baby ducks too. Snapping turtles are one of God's wonderful creations! I think that they are awesome!


  1. Oh my! I saw a few of those when I was visiting my sister in Dallas, Wisconsin and they are some scary turtles.

  2. Cool Picture! I just saw one yesterday on the road -- I didn't know how to move it (she scared me!). A truck driver stopped and had big leather work gloves and he moved it to the side of the road.