Friday, June 21, 2013

Lincoln Log Double L Ranch and Bunk House

This is a ranch and bunk house that we built out of Lincoln Logs. It is built with the original Lincoln Logs. It has a fence that surrounds it. It was really hard to build because if you hit it, it would probably fall apart that was what happened to the tavern. When we played with cowboys and Indians I hit it and it just fell apart!! But we built it up and still played but we were more careful and tried not to bump it again. But I hit a cabin and that fell apart!! When we got done playing we started to clean up and my brother said "We should blog this Ad, it would be great. Go get the camera." And I did so we blogged the stuff that we built.


  1. I love how you shared your story. Great job, Atticus.

  2. I remember building those fences. I think I still have my Lincoln logs. I think I only made one kind of cabin though. Not all the neat stuff you are building.