Monday, August 3, 2015

Minecraft Perler Bead Heads

Hello everyone, today we have some Minecraft Perler Bead creations. Be sure to check out our other Perler Bead creation here This is Steve, he is the character you start the game off with. If you want your own character you can always make a new one. He was a lot of fun to make with Perler Beads. 
These are some of the enemies you fight in Minecraft. (Going from left to right) we start off with the Skeleton, this enemy is very dangerous because it has a bow and arrow and can shoot you from a distance. Next we have the Slime, the Slime is not so hard because they are weak and easy to defeat Last of all we have the Zombie which is weak when alone, but if they get in a group they can easily swarm you. These were a lot of fun to make!

Thanks for Reading!

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