Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Growtopia Game Review

Hi everyone! Today we start a whole new series called Game Review. The reviews will be posted randomly, with no set day on which to be posted. 
OK, so to start off we have a review of one of our FAVORITE games out there. Growtopia. Growtopia or Grow as we call it is an epic sandbox, Multi player game it is a 2-D game that you can download from the app store, Google Play, or on PC for free. Here is the description from the app store. The best way to get around in Grow is to trade and farm, after you get yourself some cool wings and some running shoes or a car, or starboard you can try out Parkour, Racing, and PVP. Once you establish a farm you can sustain yourself by earning gems, to buy useful things from the shop like wings, and a World Lock, which you will read about below. 
Here is the start menu. 
Once you are ready to play you can start out. You will start in a world called START. Here is my character with my cool cat, named George. 
Once you get ready to play and have a World Lock you can start your adventure! You can make your own world by creating a world with its own unique name then you can World Lock it to protect it from griefers, and other trouble causers. Once you lock your world you can start building! Here is my world below, The golden lock thing above the copper moon picture to your left is my World Lock. 
Here are some other cool worlds that have cool themes.  

Thanks for reading! My user in the game is- debageldood. If you want to visit my worlds they are- skeetoville, linusshops, and debageloworldo. There is SO MUCH to discover about this game! Have fun!

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