Tuesday, June 10, 2014

T.A.C. Mk.2 Attack Fighter

Hi guys! Last time we left you all anticipating the post of the final Photos of this fighter. Well here they are....
Here is the cockpit, the windshield has been raised to get a clear view inside of the fighter. The trans-blue screen is the H.U.D.
Here is a closer pic of the H.U.D. or Heads Up Display. It displays stats of the Mk.2 at the pilots request, displays enemy fighter stats when focused on by the targeting device, displays the targeting device, speed, altitude when the fighter is in the sky, pressure for when the fighter is in space. It also has the fly-by-wire device installed, and broadcasts messages from other pilots.
Here are the other controls vital to the fighters success, on the right is the Heat control, Ac control, Auto pilot control, and IFSM or In-Flight Speaking Message system which is just a fancy name for the comm system. On the left we have the Hyper drive coordinates selector as well as the  Hover option which allows the fighter to ''hover'' above a certain thing. Next comes the Pilots control sticks which have the weapon-fire selection on them for both missiles and cannon. They allow the pilot to maneuver the fighter as well.
Here are the thrusters which propel the fighter. The two on the bottom are optional, but they were enthusiastically excepted by T.A.C.
Now we have the underbelly shot of the fighter with all of its weapons and missiles displayed.
List of missiles and type (left to right) Phoenix Mk.2 missile air-to-air these have excellent tracking but not as much power as the Phoenix Mk.1 which comes next. Phoenix Mk.1 air-to-air, next up is the Reaper-9 missile which is a missile designed for ground attack. And my favorite which is next is the Sorcerer-A0 which is a convertible missile meant for attacking ground targets (like large buildings) or objects in space or in the sky (like a spaceship)
And here is a cool photo of the Mk.2, I hope you all enjoyed this post (I know I did!) :) Thank you all for reading!

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  1. Great job on the photos and explaining everything!!
    I love the first and last photos, the lighting is fun on both.