Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Little B the LEGO Monster!

This is Little B.......
He is the greatest monster to the LEGO Minifigure!
He destroys every little LEGO brick in his way! This is a photo of the dreaded LEGO monster! When the news helicopter took this photo, he was in the midst of destroying the Si-fi base! What are the civilians of  the LEGO city going to do with their strongest army of defenders destroyed? We have to stop this monster before he gets in the LEGO city and destroys it forever!!


  1. Oh my better lock up the Legos when B is around.
    Too funny.

  2. Just make a giant lego tower , put B on it , make him hold his true love the hedge hog, and make lego helicopters circling him.

    KING B

  3. What a cat! He looks like he is looking for more trouble - and in your last post he looked so peaceful.

  4. His eyes tell us all...he is WILD! And should be locked up in a zoo. :-)