Wednesday, October 2, 2013

LEGO shop exclusive mini figure mascot

We got this Thank You from Lego when we got our LEGO set that we ordered. This is the Thank You package that we got.
This is a pamphlet that we got in the Thank You from LEGO. LEGO was thanking us for shopping at their  shop and they gave us an exclusive LEGO mini figure.
This is the back of the pamphlet that we got. It lists the top reasons to shop at the official LEGO shop - #1 Largest LEGO Selection Anywhere - #2 Earn VIP Rewards - #3 Free Shipping Every Day on orders of $75.00 or more - #4 Dedicated LEGO Experts - #5 Order Missing Parts.
This is the package that the exculsive LEGO mini figure came in. We cut it very carfuly so we would not ruin it. We like to keep exclusive LEGO packages.
This is how you build the mini figure. He came with a red brick which I thought was cool.
This is the assembled exclusive mini figure. I think that LEGO did a good job on him. Thanks For Reading!


  1. What is this guys name? I like his hair the best!! :-)

  2. I have ordered from Lego before and it is a very good company. Yes name please.