Monday, July 1, 2013


This is a vintage Lego set. It is one of our first Lego's. I wanted to rebuild it so I could blog it. I started to find the pieces and build it at the same time. Some of the pieces we couldn't find so we had to buy them off a Lego piece store called Pick-a-Brick.

These are the instructions they are in a so-so condition the back cover is gone, some pages are loose and there is a lot of rips on the cover! But the good thing is that some of the pages are in good condition and that it is still together!! It is awesome even though it is in a so-so condition.

This is the guy that came with the set he is really awesome! The helmet that came with him is awesome!
The helmet is awesome because it is the first of those kind that we have got.


  1. I like how you say your Lego is dear 11 year old. ;-)
    Love Ya! Mom

  2. Me too. Ha but it does look a little like it. Your Legos are so cool vintage or not and I should know I have a living room full of them.

  3. Very cool set. You two could open up a Lego museum.