Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Hello everyone! Today we have another Lego World War 2 post.  The cast of this post are: a German Stug 4 tank destroyer, 3 allied soldiers, and a U.S. Stuart light tank. 
Here is a level picture from the Stug 4's view. The German Stug is hiding in some foliage just to the right of a road the Allies travel on, the Allied reconnaissance patrols saw nothing and deemed travel safe... But they missed something. 
Here is a view from the Stuart tank. Can you spot the German Stug? It looks quite like a rock to me!
Here is a picture of the Stug, complete with two external gas barrels,  supply boxes, and spare tracks. 
Bereit? Richten Sie! Feuer!
Here is an epic picture of the allied tank and soldiers. Thanks for reading! Enjoy! 

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